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Υπ. Of Labor: Clarifications for the submission to ERGANI of the responsible statement for the rapid tests

The Ministry of Labor informs that the responsible declaration of companies for their employees who have the obligation to perform a diagnostic test, according to the provisions of number 64232 / 15.10.2021 (Government Gazette B ‘4766) JMC, as amended by number 69459 /5.11.2021 (Government Gazette B ‘5165) JMC and specifically for the reference weeks from 07.02.2022 onwards, the period from 8 to 11 March is submitted.

It will then be submitted weekly from Tuesday to Friday for the previous reference week.

In addition, the obligated employers for whom the submission of the above Responsible Declaration for the reference weeks from 15.11.2021 to 06.02.2022 is pending, are given the opportunity to submit declarations and / or corrections from Tuesday 22 February to Monday 07 March.

Source: Capital

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