«1 euro house» by Airbnb: the French family has arrived in Sambuca and will stay for a year

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Eva tells us that when she sent the request to participate, she and her husband had already decided that they would like to spend a period abroad: “France is beautiful – he says – but it is very focused on itself, instead I think it is important to meet the rest of the world, it helps to think differently, and discovering the other helps to have a bit of humility“. She is a psychologist and will continue to follow some patients with video calls, but she is also a Yoga teacher and she could start a school in the village, her husband deals with computer finance and her children will study. They don’t speak Italian, but they will give lessons. Alessia from the dairy asks him: «But are you the ones who have become Sambucesi? Bravo! », And they smile.

Airbnb and the rebirth of villages

But why did Airbnb create and promote this project? “It stems from the desire to enhance all those lesser-known and popular tourist destinations but are rich in history, art and culture that are the Italian villages – he says Giacomo FoundCountry Manager of Airbnb Italy and South-East Europe of Airbnb – “We often talk about overtourism, excess tourism to the same cities and we think it is our responsibility to ask ourselves what we can do to promote villages and a new way of seeing the world“. It is a commitment that Airbnb has been carrying out for 5 years with many initiatives, also in collaboration with the Touring Club and which returns with the collaboration with the 1 euro houses of the mayor of Sambuca.

«We have received many requests to participate – he says – and this shows that the the concept of living and working from another place is something that interests many people. This possibility and desire for long stays is a trend for us and Sambuca is a symbol. The direction of Airbnb is to make people discover destinations that are not in the classic tourist circuits precisely to fight the tourism trend in which everyone goes to the same places, looks at the same guides, does the same activities. For us tourism is not an impersonal experience and this house in Sambuca goes in that direction, in connecting people with local culture“.

It must be said, already from the first evening the connection between the family and the inhabitants seems perfectly successful. I ask a Sambucese, also in the square to celebrate: “Are you happy?”. “SYes, of course, we are happy, but I tell you, we are also very proud“.

Below: photos of Sambuca and the “1 euro house”

Source: Vanity Fair

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