10 Beautiful names that will give your future daughter a lot of personality

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What a great odyssey we face when we think about the name we will give our daughter. Although we have nine months to think about it, we get so many ideas and suggestions that we don’t know which one to choose.

We look in guides, books, what’s more, even in the Bible and, outright, none of them convinces us. For that reason we have decided to give you a little push with these options, so that if you are waiting for your baby, you will have another idea of ​​a name that will give your little girl a lot of personality.

1. Reva

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reflection of a woman in a puddle

This name is of Hindu origin and means “rain and stars”. So if you’re a fan of both, instead of calling her by the common Rain or Star, Reva is a good option.


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woman and clouds

Its origin is Arabic and means “clouds and beauty in the sky”. In addition to short, we think that saying that your name means that is very cute and romantic. Do not you believe it?


woman with sword

This name of Arabic origin means “the winner, champion and only one to achieve it”.

4. Marge

natural beauty

This French name means “natural beauty”. wow! It’s cute, short and with a good meaning.


woman in the grasslands of semi backs

If you like Norse mythology, this is a great option, because this name empowers, since it means “protection, refuge and life”.


woman in the snow

This name refers us to snow. Its Scandinavian origin and they say that the girls who bear this name are very discreet women.

7. Kali

woman with flowers

This Hindu name not only tells us about time, it also refers to a maiden or the sprout of flowers.

8. Eleanor or Nora

woman with divine light

Hebrew name meaning “divine light.” Nice, right?

9. Aethra

woman in a sunset

Speaking of mythology, we cannot leave out the Greek and this name comes from there. Aethra means “shining in the sky and sea”.

10. Aelia

woman in the field

If you thought to name your baby “Sun” because it is the light of your eyes and of your days, this is a good option to replace it, since it means just that in Latin.

Source: Okchicas

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