10 Clichés in movies and series that are truly absurd

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Movies and series dealing with teenagers have had a huge impact on pop culture. Characters like Regina George marked and continue to mark many generations and this is because the plots of the tapes make them emblematic.

But it must also be said that most of these productions contain clichés that sometimes make us feel that the writers ran out of ideas. If you don’t believe us, here are some of the ones we found and if you analyze it well, you will identify them in at least five teen movies or series.

1. The characters are played by older actors

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cher in no idea

2. They go to school, but they rarely go to class. What envy!

never kissed scene school

3. They dress very fashion

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heavy girls dress code

4. Negligent dads are never lacking

Regina George's mom

5. They work, study, have a social life and solve mysteries

Ten things I hate about you

6. They have money to spend without accountability

Cher from Clueless wearing an argyle skirt, black jacket and white socks while shopping

7. They give the “ugly” girl a change of appearance look

the diary of a princess

8. The captain of the cheerleaders is always in a relationship with the captain of the football team.

stolen victories

9. Teenagers always discover and get involved in problems.

teen movie

10. Family secrets are very dense, type: your grandmother is the queen of Genovia

the diary of a princess

Source: Okchicas

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