10 Great ideas to dye your hair wine color this fall

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Autumn has just begun and with the arrival of this new season, with only a couple of months left in the year, in most of us the idea of ​​a change of look begins to resonate in our heads to look amazing in the coming festivities.

If you are a fan of reddish tones and you are thinking of making a slight change in the color of your hair, which is not too flashy, the following ideas on how to wear wine-colored hair are all you need to encourage you to give the next one. step.

1. Try a couple of highlights chunky

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photo of a girl sporting a pair of chunky highlights on top of her natural hair color

2. Or only dye half of your hair

photo of a girl who has half her hair painted in a burgundy color

3. Only the tips, respecting the color of your root

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woman from behind with the ends of her hair painted in red wine color

4. Dye strands spread throughout your hair

girl from behind wearing wine-colored highlights combined with her natural color

5. Add some wine highlights to your natural color

selfie of a girl with wine-colored highlights in her car

6. Match the shade with a couple of pink strands

selfie of a girl with chunky pink highlights on a burgundy base

7. Or one half pink and the other wine

photo of a girl's hair red color combined with pink color

8. You can create a gradient by combining colors

girl from behind showing a gradient of colors in her hair until it reaches wine color

9. Pink and copper tones are better allies

girl from behind showing her wine-colored hair degraded with pink and copper tones

10. And the best combination in dark hair

girl from behind showing wine-colored highlights on dark-colored hair

11. So be clear, the tone looks perfect

photograph of a woman from the back showing long, straight light wine-colored hair

12. Or a darker and more discreet wine color

photo of a girl in a denim jacket showing off her burgundy hair

13. Under the sun’s rays it looks more vibrant

photo of a girl showing off her wine-colored hair under the sun's rays

14. It is perfect both on white skin

photo of a white girl posing with burgundy hair

15. As in brunettes

photo of a model with dark skin showing off her long wine-colored hair

Source: Okchicas

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