10 Manicures that will help you change the classic French ones for ones full of color

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we have all been fan of the French manicure, because they always give a simple but elegant touch to our look. However, the trends are changing, especially with the entrance of each season. Now that autumn is getting closer, with it will come the time to welcome the manicure of the season.

For this fall, as far as nail designs are concerned, the trend favors the most fun and with touches of color, as opposed to the usual warm and neutral ones. On this occasion, the nails will be in confetti mode, either on a base naked or natural. So below we have for you the best designs of this trend to welcome autumn with a very colorful manicure.

1. Short and discreet

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short confetti nails

2. Neon style

neon confetti nails

3. Minimalist art

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minimalist confetti nails

4. Single Color Confetti

single color confetti nails

5. Explore your artistic side with your favorite color range

blue confetti nails

6. Pink polka dots Barbie style!

pink confetti nails

7. Play with the size of the design

large confetti nails

8. Something more glamorous, why not?

gold confetti nails

9. Lots and lots of confetti!

nail confetti colors

10. Combine French manicure with confetti

confetti and french nails

Source: Okchicas

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