10 reasons why couples stop having sex

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After years and years of marriage behind us, the decline in desire becomes an almost inevitable phenomenon in a couple. “Marriage without sex” remains, in fact, among the most searched expressions on Google by married users with 30% who decide to give up intimacy.

But what are the reasons why couples stop having a life under the sheets? It is mostly about decreased libido, poor mental health, pathologies that cause pain during intercourse or simply a separation. But understanding what is wrong with a relationship and why sex has been cornered is the first step in trying to rekindle the desire. Also because, according to science, if the decline increases with the passage of time, sex, on the other hand, improves with age!

Sex remains one of the most sensitive topics of all, particularly complicated for couples who have turned off the switch of passion. The psychologist Barbara Greenberg states on Psychologytoday.com to be both surprised and unsurprised when couples who have been together for some time are confused as to why they have stopped having sex. They are almost always reluctant to turn to their partner to address this topic. They are afraid of their emotions.

In an effort to help those who are afraid to address this topic, the psychologist has compiled for Psycologhytoday.com a list of the most common reasons why couples no longer seek each other in intimacy, after listening to those who have had the courage to open up on the matter with her for decades.

Looking at the list in the gallery might help you on what might happen in your relationship and maybe be encouraged to talk to each other. As the expert says, in fact, “Silence is golden, but not when sex is involved.”


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