10 sexual positions that strengthen the love of a couple

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Take a moment and think back to the beginning of your relationship. Okay, we heard the sigh, and it wasn’t a relief. There were all those adventurous dates, impromptu thoughts, and the sex – ah, the sex – it was stuff … to scream, in every sense. But was it really you? Because now it seems only a distant memory.

Maintaining top intimacy – or even just intimacy – can easily fall by the wayside once there honeymoon phase – that’s what it’s called in technical jargon – comes to an end. And instead of coming together as a couple, sex, yes, that thing that once made you feel like you were the only two people on the planet, is starting to feel more like a chore. No shame, it happens even in the best relationships.

But not all hope is lost. One solution might be to familiarize yourself with some sexual positions that will make you feel “close” again. Why do they work? Because they allow you to go beyond the sensory for a deeper emotional intimacy that allows you to tap into what your partner is feeling and vice versa. They create a sense of security and mutual trust, aimed at to lose inhibitions.

Are you curious to find out what they are? Scroll through our article to the end and … good practice!


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