10 Tattoos So Awful They’ll Make You Regret You Ever Got One

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Making the decision to get a tattoo is not an easy thing, because in addition to being convinced of wanting to do it, the design that will be permanently embodied in the skin must be chosen carefully.

However, another very important factor, which not everyone takes into account, is the artist who will be in charge of creating the tattoo, since it depends on him how well the design will look. So if you are thinking of getting a tattoo, we recommend that before choosing what you want to capture on your skin, look for a good tattoo artist, so that you do not end up with a horrible tattoo like the one of the people that we show you in the following list.

1. Faces are not easy to draw

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comparative image of the photo of a baby next to the poorly done tattoo

2. The face is not a good place to do tattoos

face of a guy showing a couple of tattoos above his eyebrows

3. And less if you are going to recreate any part of the face

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photo of a woman's face with a mouth tattoo on her cheek

4. The faces of celebrities are also not a good idea

arm of a person tattooed with the faces of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

5. One way ingenious to join the eyebrows

face of a person with a tattoo of their eyebrows greeting each other

6. These strokes try to be the zodiacal symbol of capricorn

tattoo on a hand that tries to be a symbol of the zodiac sign capricorn

7. A creative way to take advantage of body hair

Troll figure tattoo on arm with pubic hair

8. is to create designs around him

nipple surrounded by beauty with a face and wizard hat tattoo around the nipple

9. A boy who decided to advertise for free

man with one arm tattooed with the Louis Vuitton brand

10. Spelling either

chest tattoo of a man with a misspelling tattoo

Source: Okchicas

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