10 things that only those who hate cold seasons can understand

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In some areas of Italy it seems that it is still summer (lucky!), But in others autumn is here so it’s time to put away light clothes and sandals and open the closet to coats and boots. I know that for some – that is, for those who hate winter climates – this moment is a tragedy. But know that you are not alone, indeed here 10 things that only those who hate cold seasons can understand.

1- It takes at least an hour to prepare. Until recently, T-shirt, skirt / pants and away from home. Now you will start layering any of your looks because you will have constantly cold.

2- The sound of the alarm clock is a tragedy. No, not only because it is early, because you have to go to work and you have to meet people who don’t really like you, but above all because you have to get out of that warm microclimate created by your duvet.

3- Your partner will start looking for excuses not to sleep with you anymore. And you know very well what the reason is: yours icy feet. They look like the block of ice in the Brancamenta advertisement.


4- The Christmas compilations. You know very well that, after Halloween, in every place you go there will be a Michael Buble song to haunt you and you can’t take it anymore.

5- Moving from home is a nightmare. If public transport is late, waiting for them in the cold makes you want to cry, but if you use the car you will be forced to fight against condensation and humidity and to face the morning fog.

6- You miss the summer cocktails. But do you want to put a nice moscow mule or mojito with a mulled wine? But there is really no challenge!


7- The shorter days depress you. The pitch dark already at 5 pm makes you want to lock yourself in the house and leave only when it is April and spring is back.

8- Your face is blotchy and of a corpse-like complexion. The tan is gone (it is useless for you to stick with the self-tanners: you can see that it is fake) and every time a little wind blows, the face is filled with red spots. You are officially allergic to cold.

9- Your feet refuse closed shoes. But how comfortable was it in flip flops and sandals? The first time you put your boots on, your feet will make you feel heavy. Prepare some anti-blister patches.

10- You will become monothematic. Your every conversation, in a few days, will always start with the same sentence: “How cold is it today?”


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