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10 Times Architects Failed Horribly With Their Designs

10 Times Architects Failed Horribly With Their Designs

Buying our first house is a very proud moment, because it is a space where we can be ourselves and what better way to express ourselves than with decoration or some other arrangement on the facade or a room that shouts to the world that this it is our sanctuary.

It is true that good taste is not born on trees, but we believed that architects did have it. However, with the following photographs we realize that apparently not everyone has it and many just want to do their “great” work to stand out.

1. A little man in a yellow hat

house that looks like a man with a hat

2. “We want a lot of light to enter”, the architect: say no more

house with many windows

3. Is it a bird’s room?

house with window and cage bars

4. Just seeing her gave me vertigo

fall built house

5. With mini control tower and the whole thing

house with control tower

6. It is not the chocolate house, but it is the one with the dress

dress shaped house

7. Like when the architects played Jenga

building built like jenga tower

8. It reminded me of a ranting letter from Harry Potter

cream colored house with strange construction

9. “I want something simple”

extravagant house

10. Addams House

totally black house

Source: Okchicas


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