110 colorful years of Azzurro: 5 unforgettable moments of the national team

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Today the blue shirt turns 110 and you just need to close your eyes to be assailed by the wave of memories and emotions. Over a century of unforgettable games and poster heroes, always the same color, changing shades and shades, but remaining a fixed point in the collective imagination.

Curiosity: ours is one of the few national teams in the world that does not wear any of the colors of its flag, but blue has become the color that unites Italians, the horizon that welcomes them.

The first time was on January 6, 1911 at the Arena in Milan, against Hungary. It was the third official match of Italy, which until then had played with the white uniform. But that day Hungary also wore white. So the Italians chose blue, a color dear to the Savoy. In blue we have won four World titles: 1934, 1938, 1982 and 2006; shoring up 110 years of days impossible to forget. Here are the five most famous matches of the Azzurri in chronological order.

Italy 4-3 Germany (1970)
To be written all together and to be read in one breath: Italiagermaniaquattroatre. El partido del siglo, as remembered by a plaque at the Azteca stadium in Mexico City. It was the semifinal of the 1970 World Cup, that victory – which came with Rivera’s memorable goal – triggered the first real street party for an Italy that was heading towards the future. Mythical.

Italy 3-2 Brazil (1982)
Paolo Rossi, a man, a destiny. We were underdogs, facing a stratospheric Brazil, with Zico and Falcao, Socrates and Junior. That day, a miracle. Pablito rises again, scores a hat-trick, takes us to the semifinals and gives us the knowledge that we are going to win the World Cup. The most beautiful Italy ever, on a sunny Spanish afternoon. Iconic.

Italy 3-1 Germany (1982)
The scream of Tardelli after the goal of the momentary 2-0 drags all of Italy out of the past and pushes it towards a future in color. It is Bearzot’s Italy, which begins with the nursery rhyme Zoff, Gentile, Cabrini. It is 11 July 1982, Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid. The perfect time for the generation growing up in that period. That evening we are 36 million in front of the TV. World champions, three times, as per Nando Martellini’s famous final farewell. Epic.

Italy 2-0 Czechoslovakia (1990)
The magic nights, chasing goals and dreams. The Olimpico overflowing with happiness. The Azzurri playing on the wave of enthusiasm, driven by one of the most extraordinary attacking couples in its history, the one formed by Totò Schillaci and Roby Baggio. It is precisely on that day that the legend of Baggio was born, author of a memorable goal, scored after a great match. Magical.

Italy-France 5-3 after penalties (2006)
When Grosso takes the run to beat the last penalty to accompany him is Italy. And it is a very long run, which starts from far away, after years of bitter disappointments and bitterness. The fourth of our World titles is also the most suffered, the most undecided, the least expected. And indeed that night the sky is also blue over Berlin.

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