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12 cruel lies that our favorite movies and series made us believe for a long time

12 cruel lies that our favorite movies and series made us believe for a long time

Movies are supposed to be aesthetic art that entertains with their original stories and realistic characters in everyday situations. However, many, many of our favorite movies have moments that are repeated over and over again, and that, if we are honest, are not based on real life at all.

How many times have we seen a man get shot but continue with his mission like nothing? Just like this type of unrealistic situations in action movies, there are 12 lies that are repeated in some of our favorite series and films, but even if we know that they are not realistic, we prefer to believe them with all our hearts.

1. The nerds after a makeover

You can find the most innocent, dumb and clueless “stud” in the world, but a good change from look It will give you a completely different personality, security, and a lot of sex appeal.

2. Intimate in the shower

What better way to explore your passionate side than to do it while taking a bath? It is never as easy and hot as it is seen in all series and movies.

3. The bra at all times

No matter how hot, exciting and hot an intimate scene is, women, in the vast majority of intense scenes, wear their bra all the time or wrap a sheet as a dress.

4. Informational bombs

All bombs in danger scenes come with a practical and non-logical clock to inform the hero of the film exactly how long he has to solve the problem.

5. If you make him hate you, he will love you

For some reason, in romantic stories, the man can behave like a despicable and selfish being, and even then, the protagonist will end up at his feet at the end of the story.

6. Falls into water are safe

No matter how high or physically fit you are, be it from a skyscraper or even a large mountain, if you fall into water, nothing will happen even when it is proven that it can be as lethal as falling on concrete.

7. Women and men cannot be friends

Regardless of their friendship, the years they have been friends or how long they have known each other, the best friends in any story always end up falling in love with each other.

8. If you try hard, you can change it

Even if the guy is obnoxious, violent, narcissistic and even a liar, if you are good enough, noble, gentle, understanding and loving, you can most likely change his personality completely.

9. Cleaning wounds hurts more than anything

Gunshots, stab wounds and third degree burns, all of that can endure the heroes of the movies, except when they heal their wounds, there are endless moans as if they were ripping off their legs.

10. Chases with zero traffic

Whether in New York, Los Angeles, London or even Tokyo, if there is a chase between the protagonist and the villains of the story, there will be no car, truck, or cops standing in his way.

11. Love at first sight

It is fine that you might like someone a lot when you see them for the first time, but no joke you fall madly in love in a matter of days with someone you barely know their full name.

12. Muscles = invincibility

Train enough and there will be no person who can knock you down. Even if a whole group of criminals grabs you, you will always come out well due to your arms of steel.



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