12 Horrible Characters Hated By The Audience Who Were Played By Very Likeable Actors

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We have all heard stories of actors who have played terrible and evil characters on screen in such a credible way that it is sometimes difficult to separate fact from fiction, even when we know that these performers would never be as vile as the villains who made them famous. .

However, it is almost impossible to forget a character when he is greedy, manipulative, selfish and even violent, especially when it comes to famous series and movies such as Euphoria, Gladiator O Game of Thrones. These 12 horrible characters hated by the public and played by beloved actors are proof of that.

1. Mads Mikkelsen one Hannibal

Who was he playing? Hannibal Lecter

Why did we hate it? Despite the fact that Mads is extremely handsome, this role showed him as one of the most grim, cold, cruel and calculating villains we’ve ever seen. Their expressions and manner of speaking could easily chill you.

2. Rachel McAdams and Mean Girls

Rachel McAdams en Mean Girls

Who was he playing? Queen George

Why did we hate it? Manipulative, self-centered, liar and calculating, Regina was the queen bee because she wanted and was in charge of destroying anyone who tried to outshine her. She was the worst of all and she deserved to be alone.

3. Melora Hardin en The Office

Melora Hardin en The Office

Who was he playing? Jan Levinson

Why did we hate it? To say that it was a sea of ​​contradictions is not enough. Jan literally used Michael as a self-destruct project, had him get and get rid of a vasectomy three times and eventually had a baby. in-vitro.

4. Evan Peters and American Horror Story

Evan Peters en American Horror Story

Who was he playing? Tate Langdon

Why did we hate it? It was just strange and dark. He wasn’t bad, but he had a lot of mental problems. Plus, he was possessive and the end of his story, when we finally know what he did and why, it’s just gruesome.

5. Joaquin Phoenix en Gladiator

Joaquin Phoenix in Gladiator

Who was he playing? Comfortable Emperor

Why did we hate it? Although we wanted to feel sorry for him, he killed his father to stay in power and had Máximo’s entire family murdered simply because he was jealous of the friendship he had with his father.

6. Angela Kinsey en The Office

Angela Kinsey en The Office

Who was he playing? Angela Martin

Why did we hate it? She was judgmental, bossy, miserable, judgmental and always got her way. She used Dwight left and right, and while he made mistakes too, the truth is that she didn’t deserve to marry him.

7. Iwan Rheon en Game of Thrones

Iwan Rheon en Game Of Thrones

Who was he playing? Ramsay Bolton

Why did we hate it? He was one of the most despicable villains in the entire series. He was dedicated to torturing and killing his enemies in the most cruel and violent way, just to prove his worth and get rid of his title as a bastard son.

8. JK Simmons en Whiplash

JK Simmons in Whiplash

Who was he playing? Terence Fletcher

Why did we hate it? The worst teacher of all. He was violent and abusive towards all his students, pushing them to the limit and even causing the death of one of them. He had a superiority complex and was very vindictive.

9. Jacob Elordi en Euphoria

Jacob Elordi in Euphoria

Who was he playing? Nate Jacobs

Why did we hate it? After seeing him in the trilogy of The kissing boothIt was shocking to see him as an arrogant, violent, mean and macho boy in this series. There are times when his character even becomes disgusting.

10. Lena Headey en Game of Thrones

Lena Headey en Game Of Thrones

Who was he playing? Cersei Lannister

Why did we hate it? There’s probably no death we want more than Cersei’s. Most of his children died from his greed and thirst for power, he always used others for his own benefit and never regretted anything.

11. Christian Bale and American Psycho

Christian Bale en American Psycho

Who was he playing? Patrick Bateman

Why did we hate it? He might be gorgeous, but the character Bale played is an incredible representation of a cold, calculating monster with a bright mint for manipulation and murder.

12. Tobias Menzies in Outlander

Tobias Menzies and Outlander

Who was he playing? Black Jack Randall

Why did we hate it? After watching him play a mean, disgusting, violent, and soulless man who spends his time tormenting Jamie for years, it’s hard to see Menzies positively in any other role.

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