12 restaurants (besides Villa Crespi) to eat on Lake Orta

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The Garda it is unrivaled in history and breadth. The Lake Como has the villas of the VIPs. L’Iseo is gaining an important space, due to its proximity to the Franciacorta. The Lake Maggiore keeps the old class. And then there is Lake Orta: Cinderella in search of an author, but who has finally taken the right course.

The merit – it must be said – is largely due to Antonino Cannvacciuolo, today the most popular cook in Italy. But in reality, the statue should be done to his wife Cinzia Primatesta, originally from the area that basically convinced the young chef to choose Orta San Giulio to start climbing to the top.

In 1999, two years after the engagement, they bought Villa Crespi: the rest is a well-known story among gourmets. The success of the structure, now Michelin-starred, and the fame of Cannavacciuolo have given a little refreshment to the whole lake which is experiencing a happy moment from a restaurant point of view, also favored by a couple of seasons where many Italians have discovered it. . And it is no coincidence that its the good giant of Masterchef and his wife – who grew up in a hotelier family – will open Laqua by the lake, an exclusive resort with beach club in Pettenasco. Another important signal for the entire territory.

Apart from the pure creative proposals that go beyond the territory, what makes sense to taste around Lake Orta? Surely freshwater fish: whitefish, trout, perch. Then we are in Piedmont – even if far from the Langa – and here the stuffed pasta and risotto conquer: Novara, to which the lake belongs, has as its culinary symbol the Paniscia that to the rice of the zone and to the beans it associates two typical products such as pork salami preserved in fat and savoy cabbage. But the risotto with Gorgonzola, the pride of a prominent dairy production with excellent goats and the Taking.

Do not miss a taste of Tapulone – finely chopped stew, usually based on donkey meat – with polenta. Cookies are great protagonists on the sweet front: i Ugly but good and the Bones to bite of the nearby Borgomanero, le Orta daisies and, of course, i Novara biscuits. In short, you have fun at the table. As in the places of our selection that go beyond Villa Crespi.

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