125 Astroworld victims sue Travis Scott for more than $ 750 million

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Travis Scott’s Astroworld concert was planned to be a huge event, unfortunately it ended as a tragedy that left 10 people dead, hundreds more seriously injured and with dozens of lawsuits against Live Nation Entrertainment Inc and against Travis.

And everything seems to indicate that legal problems will continue for the rapper, as this Tuesday a further lawsuit for 750 million dollars was filed in the name of at least 125 of the victims, including Axel Acosta, a 21-year-old boy who was murdered during the show.

The problems for Travis continue

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Astroworld left too many victims and dozens of lawsuits for the rapper and this Tuesday one more was added by prominent lawyer Tony Buzbee. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of 125 victims including that of the family of Axel Acosta, a 21-year-old who died when he was crushed by the crowd. In the lawsuit, the attorney wrote:

Axel died that night on the floor of a concert he attended for fun. Axel Acosta loved and adored Travis Scott and the other artists at Astroworld; the feeling was not mutual.

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Travis Scott singing during one of his concerts

As in previous lawsuits, attorneys accused Travis and the others involved in the festival of legal negligence, saying they made “no effort” to keep concert goers safe.

The deaths and injuries that occurred were unnecessary and senseless, and the suffering caused to the families and everyone else involved will be endless. The victims that night went to have fun, neither they nor their families were warned that they were in a dangerous situation.

Acosta was crushed by the incited, rebellious and uncontrolled crowd with such force that he could not breathe. As I lay there dying under a mass of humanity, the music played and played for almost forty minutes.

No one is taking responsibility

Travis Scott singing during one of his concerts

On the one hand Live Nation has not directly addressed the growing lawsuits saying that they will do so when it is “the right time” and on the other hand, Scott’s legal representatives have not commented on the cases either, only the rapper argued that he was never “aware of the situation ”or the seriousness of the incident from his perspective on stage.

Experts expect hundreds of total lawsuits to be filed, because the concert was attended by more than 50,000 people and a total of 300 people were treated for some type of injury. It appears that the litigation could last for years and end with damages for victims in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Not only will Travis face the accusations

Travis Scott singing along with Draked during one of his concerts

The vast majority of lawsuits are directed primarily at the concert promoters, Travis Scott, Live Nation and Score More, but also at a large number of stakeholders, including Apple Inc, who broadcast the event live; The singer Drake because he took the stage with Travis; the security contractor Contemporary Sercices Corpy, the premises management company ASM Global, among others.

Attorney Buzbee is one of the most recognized in the Huston injury area. In previous cases, he defended the victims of a 2005 explosion at a BP refinery that killed more than 15 people and injured 170. On this case, Buzbee said that it is very similar to the one in the explosion and that the victims are very likely to win the lawsuit.

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