13 Christmas Decorating Trends You’ll Want To Recreate And Even Mrs. Claus Will Approve

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Fashion not only teaches us what to wear or what makeup to wear according to each season, it also helps us to decorate the home, especially at parties such as Christmas. If you don’t believe it, just take a look at these 13 Christmas trends that will make your home the best place to celebrate.

This year’s trends mix the best of nature, recycling, minimalism and fluorescent colors. In addition, they are easy to replicate, so they will be your best option in 2021. Of course, remember that the most important thing about this celebration is the decoration of each heart, which can only be achieved with the hug and affection of loved ones.

1. Aromatic crowns

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Give your Christmas wreaths a delicious aroma with orange peels, apple and some cinnamon slices. Your guests will be fascinated.

2. Create your own crispy spheres!

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ginger spheres;  Christmas decoration trends 2021

Bake your own spheres and give your Christmas tree a special touch, aromatic, delicious and full of love. Best of all, you can do them with the help of your family.

3. Make your table a cozy place

table decoration;  Christmas decoration trends 2021

With such a decoration it is impossible for the memories of Christmas past not to surface.

4. Neutral tones

Neutral shades;  Christmas decoration trends 2021

This year change the red spheres for neutral tones that give your home a subtle and elegant touch.

5. LED lights to illuminate

led lights;  Christmas decoration trends 2021

Light up every corner of your home with LED lights. It does not matter if it is in small or flashy designs, the objective is that everything looks illuminated.

6. Embrace minimalism

MINIMALISM;  Christmas decoration trends 2021

Dare to have a minimalist Christmas. Your home will be the most elegant of all.

7. Golden and colorful contrasts

Colorful decoration;  Christmas decoration trends 2021

If you think that the color was out of the trends this year, you are wrong. On this occasion, the pink tones fuchsia, intense green and aquamarine will be the protagonists.

8. Advent calendar

Advent Calendar;  Christmas decoration trends 2021

Keeping an Advent calendar to count the days until Christmas is a North American tradition that Latin America has gradually adopted. This is ideal for the little ones, because in each envelope or sack they can find a present such as a cookie or a candy.

9. Handrails that carry the North Pole

christmas handrail;  Christmas decoration trends 2021

Make your stairs an ode to the holidays. Whether you use LED lights, a garland or snow flakes made from hard cardboard.

10. Crafts with pine nuts

pine nut crafts;  Christmas decoration trends 2021

This is a Christmas classic that is back to take care of the environment. You can create from spheres to centerpieces with them.

11. A special touch on your windows

Window decoration;  Christmas decoration trends 2021

Decorate your windows with the help of a white marker, create figurines with white cardboard or add some beautiful lamps. You will attract everyone’s attention.

12. Baked gifts

baked gifts;  Christmas decoration trends 2021

Due to everything we have been through these last two years, handmade gifts have become popular, so your best option is to deliver homemade chocolates, cookies or jars to prepare infusions.

13. Sustainable wraps

wrappers;  Christmas decoration trends 2021

This trend is here to stay, because it teaches us to recycle, it is friendly to the environment and it looks super cute.

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