13 Korean dramas full of pure kawaii romance

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There will always be time to see a good marathon of dramas full of romances, intrigue, confusion and a lot of on-screen chemistry. And what better than an entertaining Korean romance to spend hours glued to the sofa?

These 13 doramas, in addition to being very good and with an interesting plot, have irresistible gallants and inspiring protagonists who will make you spend the next week more aware of their romance than of your boyfriend or virtual classes.

1. My secret romance

My secret romance

Jin-wook and Yoo-mi meet in a resort in Gangwon-do and they become involved in a series of unexpected events and accidents that will make their peculiar encounter a moment that neither of them will be able to forget despite the passage of time.

2. Hello my love

Hello my love

Han So-yeon, a lonely woman suffering from blindness, finds the perfect companion after meeting Go Nan-do, an artificial intelligence hologram that was created based on the image of the genius who created it.

3. Inadvertently in love

Inadvertently in love

Situ Feng, a popular and successful singer, decides to return to school, where he becomes the center of attention. But things change and take an unexpected turn when he meets an ordinary student who hides a peculiar little secret.

4. Love Alarm

Love Alarm

In a world where a popular app alerts you when someone close to you likes you, Kim Jojo experiences the beauty and complication of her first love as she tries to deal with different personal problems.

5. Boys Over Flowers

Boys Over Flowers

Although she does not have many financial resources, Jan-Di, a brilliant girl, is transferred to an exclusive school for millionaire boys, where she crosses paths with four of the richest young people of the institute and, despite everything, ends up falling in love with one of them. .

6. Love is a separate chapter

Love is a separate chapter

Cha Eun-ho, a talented writer and the youngest CEO of his own advertising company, becomes involved in the life of Kang Dan-i, an old but young editor who is desperate to find a new job.

7. My first true love

My first true love

Due to different personal reasons, some of Yun Tae-o’s friends move to live with him. Each one experiences what true love is, the different types of friendship and everything that relates them as a group.

8. Well Intended Love

Well Intended Love

An actress with little popularity and without work finds out that she suffers from leukemia, so she decides to accept the offer of marriage from a successful executive in order to receive a bone marrow transplant and continue her career.

9. It is good not to be good

It is good not to be good

An opportunity to begin healing wounds from the past comes into the lives of a children’s book writer and a psychiatric hospital employee, ushering in an unexpected relationship that will test each other’s emotional strength.

10. A Little Thing Called First Love

A Little Thing Called First Love

Xia Miao Miao devotes herself to studying music in hopes of inspiring her best friend Liang Younian, who decided to abandon his dreams and put aside the composition that he had worked on for so long.

11. Emergency landing in your heart

Emergency landing in your heart

A paragliding accident causes a South Korean heiress to land in North Korea and in the life of an army officer who, against all odds, decides to help her hide from the authorities and escape back to her country.

12. Meteor garden

Meteor garden

Dong Shancai is determined to be the best in college, but once there, she meets a group of rich boys who, in addition to great students, classmates, and friends, open up the opportunity for her to experience her first love.

13. Such a beautiful love

Such a beautiful love

Shin Sol-i’s relationship, a young teenager with a great future, is transformed as she and her handsome neighbor Cha Heon grapple with life’s hardships, mature, and come to feel the beauty of first love.

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