15 Beautiful flower headdresses, ideal if you are going to have a ‘boho’ style wedding

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The bohemian style o boho it is very popular, particularly at weddings. More and more people choose to say “yes, I accept” in relaxed settings, with a carefree vibe that transmits freedom and decoration inspired by nature.

If you are about to get married and you are interested in this type of ceremony, but you do not know how to adapt your hairstyle to it or if you were invited to a wedding with this style, do not worry! There is a precious accessory that is very in tune with this aesthetic: flowers. Here are 15 ideas to inspire you.

1. They will make a tousled hairstyle shine

2. They can be a discreet accessory

3. Or the protagonists of your look

4. They are the perfect touch

5. Don’t worry if you can’t find natural flowers, artificial ones look just as beautiful

6. Combine the flowers with your hair!

7. Remember that it does not have to be very elaborate

8. Ideal for bridesmaids

9. So beautiful that it is unreal

10. There is no more romantic style

11. Bring your hair to life!

12. The most beautiful bride

13. The result with natural flowers is spectacular

14. The perfect hairstyle for a wedding

15. Flower crowns are always a good option

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