15 Cakes that you need yes or yes to celebrate your next birthday

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When our birthday approaches, we want gifts and nice details that make us feel very special. One of the best ways to feel this way is with a delicious cake, whether it’s chocolate, strawberry or walnut. Let’s be honest, the taste doesn’t matter, but the decoration, because this is what makes them memorable. Yes or no?

Today meme cakes have become a trend emoji with some funny phrase to celebrate a date as special as our birthday. Here are some ideas that you will love. We are sure that you will want to replicate one for your next celebration or to give away a cake yes or yes.

1. You are already an old woman. Whoops!

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old lady cake

2. Adult life is not what I expected

cynthia cake

3. Spongebob style

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spongebob cake

4. I’ll be there for you… Also in the asylum

cake friends

5. No crying

cake you're not 27 anymore

6. No, Mark!

patricia fernandez cake

7. “Save me from oblivion”

cake save me chems

8. Neither do we!

cake already do quiedo thirsty adult

9. And oh yes!

cake but at what cost

10. Let go of me, you are hurting me

old patrick cake

11. I’m not crying, I got the 26 in my eyes

elmo cake

12. But the danced who takes it from me

helga cake

13. For the girls who don’t like to celebrate

angry cat cake

14. Happy and prosperous

happy and prosperous cake

15. Force me if you can

cake make me

Source: Okchicas

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