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15 Christmas Movies You Can Watch Before Santa Claus Arrives

There are movies that generate so many emotions that we cannot stop watching them over and over again, because each time we can enjoy it as if it were the first time. Without a doubt, this is what makes great movie classics exist.

The same happens with stories that focus their plot on some event of the year. Of course, among these, those based on the December season cannot be missing. And now that we are so close to Christmas, there is nothing like a Christmas story to get us in tune with the season.

1. Last Christmas: another chance to love2019

After dealing with an illness that almost ended her life, a girl suffers a crisis that almost destroys her but manages to pull through.

two. a christmas prince2017

After making a prince fall in love, now the protagonist will face a new challenge as a mother, since she hopes to be able to collaborate directly with the education of her son.

3. Klaus2019

This movie, which you can find on Netflix, is highly recommended for children and adults, as it is a beautiful Christmas story that you want to enjoy on these dates.

Four. The man who invented Christmas2017

This story narrates the adventure that the famous writer Charles Dickens lived when writing his most famous Christmas story. Entertaining and special.

5. miracle on 34th street1994

The children are losing their faith, so a couple of men will do everything possible to make them believe again. Undoubtedly moving.

6. The Grinch2018

Although this is not the classic movie that we all know from the grinchis a different version of a very funny cartoon, with which those who do not enjoy Christmas very much identify.

7. The strange world of Jack1993

This is a 3D version of the famous Tim Burton classic movie. Whether you’ve seen the original or not, you can’t miss this great version.

8. Jingle Jangle: a magical Christmas2020

A humble inventor has to start his most ambitious project, but time is against him, because things get complicated when his masterpiece is stolen. If you like Christmas adventures, you can’t miss this tape.

9. The Christmas Chronicles2018

There is nothing conventional about this Santa, because his witticisms will make you have a good time. You can find this movie on Netflix.

10. princess swap2018

A girl who works as a pastry chef discovers that she is the doppelganger of a royal princess. The entanglements begin when they decide to exchange their lives.

eleven. A crazy christmas2004

A family decides to take a vacation from the Christmas holidays to travel to a beach, but they soon discover how much they miss the traditional Christmas.

12. christmas in africa2019


A woman is abandoned by her husband and decides to undertake alone the trip that they had scheduled as a second honeymoon. This decision will change her life.

13. Dolly Parton: Christmas on the Square2020

If you’re fan of musicals, get ready to search Netflix for this beautiful story, where an angel will make a woman recover the meaning of life.

14. The polar Express2004

A beautiful fantasy where a child refuses to sleep on Christmas Eve, because he wants to see Santa Claus and a magical train takes him to enjoy the wonders of the North Pole.

fifteen. Noelle2019

This movie narrates the adventure of a girl who is the sister of the next Santa Claus, since it is a family tradition that has been inherited among the members of her family. Her story will move you.

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