15 Dance Scenes Just As Iconic As The ‘Merlina’ Choreography

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As a result of the excitement that Merlina Addams’ dance has caused in her most recent series, many of us have remembered other equally emblematic dance scenes from film and television. Surely you already have some in mind, since many of these live 24/7 in our heads without paying rent.

And although too many come to mind, the following list is based on the most popular answers provided by the community of Reddit. But, being honest, we quite agree with the choices, as these choreographies are impossible to forget.

one. peacemaker

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The unbeatable opening credits scene of peacemaker It is one of those that no one can skip, but whoever does deserves a special place in hell. It’s simply hilarious, because the serious tone of all the characters gives it that touch of mockery that characterizes the series.

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Curious fact: The scene was recorded in a single day and the most difficult thing was that no one could stop smiling.

2. beetlejuice

Who has not wanted to recreate this scene with their family and friends? No human being has been born who does not fall before the greatness of this scene.

Curious fact: The producer had a song by The Ink Spots in mind for this sequence, but finally chose the endearing The Banana Boat Song by Harry Belafonte.

3. Vaseline

once you see Vaseline, there is no going back. You know the choreography of the hands of the dance contest scene yes or yes.

Curious fact: The number was recorded during the summer, so entering the school gym was practically entering a sauna. In addition, it was recorded in a week, so making it was not easy.

Four. Moulin Rouge!

Roxanne’s tango in Moulin Rouge! it is totally captivating. The fact that it ties in with the love triangle between Satine, Christian and the Duke of Monroth makes it all the more meaningful and tense.

Curious fact: Certain scenes that took place in the Tower of the Duke had to be removed due to the loading of sadomasochistic content.

5. Stolen victories

There’s no way to forget the Clovers routine. Not even the magical fingers of the Bulls could compete against them.

Curious fact: The opening scene, which is also a musical number, is almost cut from the movie.

6. The Umbrella Academy

Although we never see the characters dancing together, the scene is very beautiful and has a very special subtext, since the brothers always have many masks between them, but due to this sequence we know that a special bond unites them.

Curious fact: Steve Blackman revealed that he was inspired by Wes Anderson movies to create the dysfunctional family dynamic.

7. Little Miss Sunshine

No one is prepared to feel the excitement, nostalgia and joy that the dance scene of Little Miss Sunshine It makes us feel. Few sequences manage to hit you so hard in the heart.

Curious fact: By little and the song is used Gimme All Your Lovin by ZZTop, in fact, they recorded the number with it, so they had to change it to a song with a similar beat. The change in melody was due to the fact that the first one she had in mind was much ruder, which did not match the message that the movie wanted to provide.

8. The Addams Family (1991)

This scene is easily one of the funniest and most endearing in the Addams Family. In addition, it stars two beloved characters from both the series and Hollywood in general.

Curious fact: Christopher Lloyd (Fester Addams) filmed all his scenes with his knees bent because he had to be shorter than his brother Gómez Addams (Raúl Juliá).

9. The mask

The main quality of this film is the fact that Jim Carrey did a phenomenal role as The Mask, so all the choreographies had that touch of madness and fun that only he knew how to convey.

Curious fact: Coco Bongo is the name of a nightclub that Jim Carrey has in Cancun, Mexico.

10. pulp fiction

There cannot be a list of emblematic dance scenes without pulp fiction be somewhere; It would be like a state crime.

Curious fact: Vincent and Mia did not win the dance contest, since at the end of the movie it can be heard in a radio announcement that the contest trophy was stolen.

eleven. If I had 30

It’s strange that there’s a scene that competes against Michael Jackson’s choreography in thrillerbut If I had 30 He does it and with great skill.

Curious fact: Like his character, Mark Ruffalo didn’t want to dance in this scene, his refusal was so great that he was about to reject the role.

12. Rocket man

There is no scene in Rocket man It may not be filled with all kinds of intense emotions, but the musical sequence where Elton John finally transitions from being a teenager to an adult is just wonderful.

Curious fact: More than 32 dancers were on stage for the choreography of this song

13. La La Land

Even though La La Land is full of musical numbers, the one that easily comes to mind is the scene of To Lovely Night, because it’s where we finally see Mia and Sebastian show their love for each other and from there the chemistry starts to grow.

Curious fact: It was one of the most complex because it doesn’t have any cuts and it lasts six minutes. In addition, they had to be aware that it did not get dark, since natural light was essential to convey the naturalness of Griffith Park.

14. The Umbrella Academy (Yes again)

One of the best qualities of this series is that they manage to balance the tone of seriousness that the plot deserves, with the ridiculousness and dysfunctionality of the characters. The music scene in the third season, where they are about to fight and end up in a dance duel, perfectly defines how this series works.

Curious fact: Robert Sheehan (Klaus Hargreeves) was terrified of dancing. For the scenes where it was absolutely necessary, he confessed that he had to dance before going out to record because this way he loosened up a little more.

fifteen. spider-man 3

Finally, the dance scene that does not go unnoticed by anyone. Hate her or love her, Peter Parker’s choreography in spider-man 3 marked a before and after in superhero cinema. That is why it will always be remembered as an iconic and unprecedented moment.

Curious fact: Although it was rejected by critics and audiences, it was the highest grossing film in the trilogy. One more point for “the emo Spider-Man”.

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