Home Entertainment 15 ideas to dye your hair with colors you never imagined

15 ideas to dye your hair with colors you never imagined

15 Ideas To Dye Your Hair With Colors You Never

If you have reached that moment in your life where you want a change of look radical in your hair, but you have no idea how to achieve it or what tone to use in your favor, so check out these ideas in which pastel and intense colors are the protagonists.

Make sure these looks they will make you feel confident about yourself. In addition, they will help you get more followers on Instagram. Just choose the one you like the most and remember to go to a specialist to prevent your hair from being mistreated.

1. A beautiful scanning blue

2. In mint tone to feel fresh

3. A replica of the waves of the sea

4. Contrasts that steal glances

5. As intense as you

6. Two is always better than one

7. Dare to wear little-seen colors

8. In peach for the romantics

9. Billie Eilish would approve of your look

10. Details that will brighten your days

11. Change the tone of your root

12. Fit for a mermaid

13. Like a cotton candy

14. Hologram effect to steal glances

15. Let the colors of the rainbow illuminate you

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