15 Movies that will help you overcome the pain of losing a loved one

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One of the most painful feelings in anyone’s life is losing a loved one, because no one is prepared for such an impact. However, each person processes the loss in a different way, since there is no defined period or way to cope with grief.

If, unfortunately, you have just lost someone, we bring you a list of movies that will help you, even a little bit, during this sad process. Many of them have messages that will comfort you and make you see that your loved ones are always with you.

1. Postscript: I love you

The film focuses on the story of Holly Kennedy, whose world is turned upside down when her husband and the love of her life, Gerry, passes away after suffering from a terrible illness. However, before he dies, he carries out an incredible plan so that his wife can grieve in the best way and relive new experiences.

2. player number 5

Based on real events, the production is about a young soccer player who unfortunately dies in a car accident. The tape shows us the grieving process of a family that, although it is destroyed, tries to stay together.

3. So strong and so close

This plot talks about the grief experienced by a nine-year-old boy after the death of his father. The little boy tries to deal with his loss through a game of clues to find treasures that his father taught him while trying to comfort his mother, a woman who despite her pain, tries to get her son forward in the best way .

4. the other side of the heart

The film shows us Howie and Becca, a couple who fall apart after losing their four-year-old son. They both try to overcome their pain, but they have very different ideas of how to do it: while the man wants to hold on to everything that reminds him of his son, the woman prefers to sell the house and start over somewhere else.

5. fragments of a woman

This Netflix production presents us with the tragic way in which a woman loses her baby at birth by a midwife, as well as the conflicts she has with her partner during the grieving process while facing legal proceedings with the person responsible for the death of his daughter.

6. A zoo at home

After the sudden death of his wife Katherine, Benjamin is left to care for their two children. In his process of raising his little ones, the man begins to look for a house with a garden to move into and finds a zoo house, where they will learn to cope with the pain of Katherine’s death.

7. Cake: A reason to live

The film tells the story of Claire Benneett, a woman who, more than a year after the tragic death of her son, lives with chronic pain that does not allow her to continue with her life. But after the suicide of a woman from the support group she attends, Claire changes her way of seeing life.

8. manchester by the sea

The plot tells us how a boy copes with a grieving process full of responsibilities by becoming his nephew’s guardian after the death of his brother, which forces him to face a past that he had sworn to forget.

9. the cabin

A father who had a difficult childhood tries not to repeat the same mistakes with his children, but realizes that even if he tries to be the most protective parent, he cannot prevent bad things from happening to his little ones. After his youngest daughter suffers a tragedy, he shows us the path of forgiveness and how to make peace with the past.

10. Beyond the dreams

Beyond the dreams is a production that shows the deep pain and depression that parents face after losing their two children in a car accident. However, the tragedy does not end there, as the woman is the only survivor after her husband also lost his life in a deadly accident.

11. Up, a high adventure

Despite being an animated film, Carl shows us the way in which a man seeks to fulfill the dream he had with his late wife. However, as she goes through her grieving process, she realizes that there are more things worth living for.

12. The last gift

After the death of his grandfather, a boy hopes to receive a large inheritance. However, he receives a simple box with videos. Those clips are accompanied by a list of things that the guy must do to receive his money. During the process, the young man meets a girl who makes him see life in a different way and learns to appreciate what is really worth it.

13. unexpected beauty

After the death of his daughter, a successful businessman falls into a deep depression. During his process, and in desperation, the man begins to write and send letters to love, death and time. His friends, worried about the man’s situation, create a rescue plan to get him out of his pain.

14. Me before you

Me before you It is about the life of a fun girl who starts working taking care of a young man who became a quadriplegic after an accident. In the end, the film leaves us with a valuable message on how to move on despite the death of those we love most.

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