15 Movies With Endings So Perfect They’ll Make Your Skin Goosebumps

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When it comes to cinema, it is worth having divided opinions, because, after all, there are movies for all tastes. In addition, even if we want to defend a film that we love to the point of exhaustion, we will not always be able to make others see it with the same eyes of love. So you keep defending sharknado as if Citizen Kanebut in a low voice, do not go to leave some intense out there.

However, although matching opinions is very difficult, there are films that are good from the beginning to the end. Precisely those we want to talk about in this list, those with perfect endings that make your skin crawl, but be careful! spoilersso read carefully, and remember: perfect is not synonymous with happy.

1. La La Land (2016)

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This movie is an honest representation of what a relationship can be, what it means to grow up next to a person so much that even if their paths divide in the process, one is happy for the other even though they are not together.

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In the case of La La Land, Mia and Sebastián were never a perfect couple, but they loved each other and that made all the difference so that those last minutes in which they see each other’s eyes are completely bittersweet, because, without the need for words, we know that they will love each other for the rest of their lives. are not together.

two. Whiplash: Music and Obsession (2014)

The adrenaline that this ending managed to transmit is to be applauded, especially since it is not an action or horror movie, but only a young man with a dream. In it, we saw Andrew Neiman go through complete hell in music school at the hands of his violent teacher, Terence Fletcher.

In fact, when he meets him again, we knew something bad would happen. Fletcher wants to humiliate him in front of the entire audience by playing a song that Andrew hadn’t rehearsed, which leads to the most intense drum solo ever seen in movie history.

3. Seven: the seven deadly sins (nineteen ninety five)

Detectives David Mills and William Somerset have put all their efforts to find the serial killer who plays with the idea of ​​the seven deadly sins. When they finally meet him, before bringing him to justice, they accompany him to show them where his latest victims are.

However, they are interrupted by a courier worker delivering a package to them. Somerset opens it and is horrified to see that inside it is the head of his partner’s wife. Blinded by rage, Mills kills the murderer, thus becoming the ultimate sin.

Four. toy Story 3 (2010)

Andy has grown up and has to leave home to go to college, including the toys we saw him grow up with. That last scene where he gives them to Connie and plays with them one last time is gorgeous!

Finally he leaves and we all see him go, thus closing the cycle of an entire generation. As children we saw the first movie and as adults the nostalgic ending. Whoever hasn’t cried in that scene is from another planet.

5. the black swan (2010)

When perfection becomes obsessive, it results in a masterpiece. In the black swan We saw Nina Sayers struggle to be a perfect ballet dancer, but Lily always seems to have the upper hand.

However, after murdering her, nothing stands in his way anymore. Finally Nina interprets the Black Swan perfectly. At the end, we are left with our mouths open to witness how Nina is on the verge of death, because the fight she had with Lily was actually with herself.

6. The Lion King (1994)

After Simba’s internal struggle to try to forget the murder of his father, we saw him return to reclaim what belongs to him and thus avenge the king.

The fight with Scar is satisfying, as we witnessed how the smile on his face is erased after being killed by his own subjects. Poetic justice at its finest! Finally, Simba climbs the rock and after his roar, the order of things is fixed.

7. Coconut (2017)

The trip that Miguel undertakes to the world of the dead makes him discover the true history of his family. Also, because of him, everyone manages to find out what really happened to Héctor, just in time to put his photo in the offering and so, every year, after Mama Coco’s death, the whole family can get together again.

Undoubtedly, the reunion between the living and the dead with their hearts in their hands is an ending loaded with the most beautiful of our culture.

8. legally blonde (2001)

legally blonde is a movie super ahead of its time, ready to break stereotypes and give us one of the strongest female characters of all time. Elle Woods has come a long way from being seen as just a pretty woman.

At the end, when he regains his personality and comes out with that amazing outfits Rosa, we know that Elle has accepted all that she is. Also, winning a lawsuit for knowing basic hairstyle rules is for goddesses!

9. Rocky (1976)

Almost by chance, Rocky Balboa manages to confront Apollo Creed after seeing him train in scenes that are more sacred than the Tupperware from my mom, he can finally prove he has what it takes to become a boxing legend.

Although we saw how, for a few seconds, Rocky dominates the fight, in the end he is announced as the loser. The choir of the public that supports him fills our hearts with joy, because both for them and for us, he is the winner!

10. Infernal possession (2013)

After the demon manages to consume five souls, the ritual is complete, so we know what is about to happen. After an intense rain of blood that covers the entire screen, we finally see the demon manifest in the body of a woman.

The final fight between her and Mía is wonderful, because we were spectators of how our protagonist loses her arm and, fed up, puts the chainsaw on her stump to split the demon in two, thus ending the nightmare in a very graphic and bloody.

eleven. The glow (1980)

After watching Jack Torrance fight off the force of the hotel, he finally transforms into the face of madness. He can no longer and falls into his own abyss. Convinced that he has to kill his wife and son, he fails and dies in the maze.

During the last minutes of the movie, a photo dating from 1921 appears, in which we can see Jack smiling eternally. The interpretations are many, but one of the most famous is that the hotel has claimed it as its own.

12. Psychosis (1960)

After showing us one of the most well-known deaths in movie history, Norman is taken to the police where he finally dissociates and his mother takes control of his body, giving a chilling monologue about his innocence and how sad it is to condemn his son. own son for murder.

Meanwhile, Norman’s eyes and movements are so hypnotic that even if you want to stop looking, it’s impossible to blink.

13. The orphanage (2007)

The treasure game is over, and with it, Laura found what she was looking for: her dead son, in a hidden room. At last all the pieces are in place. However, before the shockLaura takes a handful of pills, but before she dies, she claims the wish she is owed for winning the game, asking to be with Simón again.

When he wakes up, he meets him and his old friends, so Laura decides to stay and take care of them forever. In fact, in the next scene, you can see her grave.

14. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)

Even though this isn’t technically the end, it feels like one, because even though the adventure is over and the ring was destroyed, we find ourselves in Gondor during Aragorn’s coronation. He and Arwen approach the four hobbits who, seeing them, bow.

The king, surprised, tells them: “My friends, you do not bow down to anyone”, and then he and his whole kingdom bow down before them. Just remembering it gives me goosebumps.

fifteen. The sinister island (2010)

Andrew’s hallucinations accompany us throughout the movie until, finally, we understand that it was all an effort of his own mind not to deal with the death of his family.

Although we saw him relapse back into his invented character, before they took him away, he whispered to his partner: “it is better to die as a hero than to live as a monster”, giving us to understand that, in reality, he is faking the relapse. so that they kill him and thus forget the tragedy that torments him so much.

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