15 Outfits Inspired By Billie Eilish’s Street Style


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Billie Eilish has become one of the most popular pop stars in the world. At just 18 years old, she has gained international recognition as one of the most talented performers and for possessing a unique style.

Characterized by garments with bright, daring, original and fit designs oversize, his style is a mix between hip-hop fashion from the 90s with gothic and youthful touches. We show you some examples of outfits unique and original, inspired by the way they dress.

1. It can be a comfortable and relaxed outfit

brown-haired girl with sunglasses, oversized black sweatshirt, black sweatpants, white nike tennis shoes

2. A dress with a T-shirt oversize

dark haired girl wearing sunglasses, oversized navy blue t-shirt with white print, long white dress with red and white flowers, black thick-soled boots and black handbag

3. Sweatshirt with baggy pants

brunette girl with Chinese hair wearing oversized brown sweatshirt, army green corduroy pants, orange tennis shoes, black leather bag

4. It is important to know how to combine different layers

blonde girl wearing a hat, black oversized t-shirt, white long sleeve top, black pants, white tennis shoes

5. Big jackets with eye-catching designs

brown haired girl wearing red sunglasses, gray top, oversized black jacket with big logos, black mom jeans

6. You can give it a more sophisticated twist

short hair girl wearing sunglasses, white sweater, light blue puffer jacket, baggy white pants, white tennis shoes and black bag

7. Create a look casual with a lot of style

light haired girl wearing sunglasses, oversized black sweatshirt, black pants, white sneakers

8. Add original accessories

brown haired girl wearing a black bucket hat, overiszed black t-shirt, black pants, yellow socks, black tennis shoes

9. The style hats beanie are essential

blonde girl wearing black knit hat, oversized beige sweatshirt, black pants, gray converse sneakers with beige and beige crossbody bag

10. T-shirts with striking prints

blonde girl wearing sunglasses, oversized white t-shirt with dragon print, long orange leather coat with black lines, orange flared leather pants with tiger animal print and white tennis shoes

11. Super loose fit jackets

long haired girl wearing sunglasses, black plush oversized coat, baggy jeans

12. Give it your own style with basic clothes

blonde girl wearing sunglasses, black sweatshirt, white t-shirt, baggy jeans and white tennis shoes, black tote bag

13. Dare to wear funny pants

blonde girl wearing sky blue oversized sweatshirt with yellow happy face print, pink baggy pants with gray plaid and black vans sneakers

14. Pants sports with cut oversize

girl with black hair with gray hat, white top, white crop top jacket, gray oversized pants, white tennis shoes and gray handbag

15. AND bucket hats of different materials

Platinum haired girl wearing a white bucket hat, oversized black t-shirt, white shirt underneath, baggy white sweatpants, and black platform black boots

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