15 outfits you can put together with an oversized shirt


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T-shirts oversize They are one of the basic garments that you can combine with everything. In addition, they are very comfortable and versatile, since with the right pants and shoes, you can give them a casual, formal, elegant, sexy and even sophisticated touch.

There are days when comfort is everything, so the loose and comfortable fit of this garment is perfect for those days when you don’t want to fight too much and wear something that makes you feel relaxed while still looking trendy. Here we show you how you can use it this season.

1.With jeans ripped for a look casual

blonde girl wearing sunglasses, white oversized shirt, ripped jeans, beige lace-up high-heeled ankle boots

2. Leather shirts are very stylish

brown haired girl wearing black oversized leather shirt with black skinny jeans, white ankle boots with black views and white balenciaga mini bag

3. You can use it with jeans to the waist

brown haired girl wearing 3/4 sleeve white oversized shirt with waist mom jeans

4. Dress pants are perfect for you

blonde girl in white oversized shirt, black dress pants, black high-heeled ankle boots and black handbag

5. Dare to wear a set of the same fabric

light haired girl wearing beige knitted white oversized shirt, beige knitted dress pants and beige handbag with gold chain

6. Puffed sleeves are in fashion

brown haired girl wearing white oversized shirt with puff sleeves, waist mom jeans

7. With pants beige, you will look sophisticated

blonde girl wearing sunglasses, oversized white shirt, white top underneath and beige dress pants

8. You can wear a shirt oversize in light blue

brunette girl wearing sunglasses, sky blue oversized shirt, white pants at the waist and LV brown bag

9. Or a quarter note for a look monochrome

blonde haired girl wearing sunglasses, black oversized shirt, black leather clutch bag, baggy black pants

10. Wear it with your favorite sandals

blonde girl wearing white oversized shirt, black jean pants, black flat sandals, black leather handbag

11. Combine it with leather pants

brown haired girl wearing sunglasses, long sleeve white oversized shirt, baggy leather pants and black leather handbag

12. Adjust it to the waist

brown haired girl wearing sunglasses, white oversized shirt, black dress pants

13. Give it a touch chic with booties

blonde girl wearing pink sunglasses, white oversized shirt, leather pants, black high heel ankle boots

14. Create a set of neutral tones

brunette girl wearing a beige oversized shirt with white dress pants at the waist, guess beige mini bag

15. And most importantly, feel comfortable

brown haired girl wearing a white oversized shirt, black culottes and black sandals

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