15 People Who Made Shameless And Terrible Copies

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The sky is the limit for creative people. However, there is the occasional derailed sheep that prefers to make a copy of what already exists so as not to suffer or struggle to do a job from scratch. In the Reddit account Crappyoffbrand all these cases are exposed and users issue a criticism, as well as the occasional joke.

There are so many people who make knockoff products that they are so bad that all they cause is a ton of laughter instead of offense. From Ralph Lacoste shirts to chocolates snipersHere are the 15 weirdest and funniest imitations.

1. With you, the Ralph Lacoste shirt

Shirt with two printed logos

2. These are socks and not a soda

Peepi instead of pepsi print socks

3. Anyway, this chocolate can calm your hunger

Chocolate snipers

4. Maybe his name is Mike

Boy carrying a backpack Mike

5. Here you eat rich and make friends

Copy of the Burger King restaurante

6. No one will know the difference will they?

Ham's socks that are H&M copy

7. This Garfield is a little angry

Garfield vest with angri birds

8. Surprise!

bag printed with the letters suprise

9. Here the food is served faster

KFC Chickens Copy

10. Let Christ take control of the game

Xbox pirate game

11. It also works for you to wash your hair

Pirate shampoo brands

12. They don’t sell pizza, but they do sell burritos

Restaurant with the name of pita hut

13. She also keeps a secret

Lipstick with the name of vitcarla secret

14. Aren’t Elsa and Ana from Frozen?

Elsa and Ana from Frozen with the name of Little Pony

15. Because social networks are carried on the skin

Deodorant brands with social media names

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