15 Printed and colorful pants that if you are “Gen Z” you will not hesitate to use

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At present, the world of fashion has been in charge of converting practically any garment into clothing. aesthetica term that is defined in various styles that seek to highlight beauty, providing a harmonious and aesthetic appearance.

In addition, another of the characteristics of this fashion is that there are as many designs that are too colorful, as others that are not so much, but, above all, it is a style that mixes a lot of aesthetics from the pop culture of the 90s, with a bit of current fashion. .

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If you are one of the girls who loves fashion aestheticthe following ideas of jeans with colorful, fun and original prints are exclusively for you, so you should not hesitate to use them.

1. A flowery design in pastel tones

girl posing with flowered jeans

2. The jeans with prints are today

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standing girl posing wearing a colorful blue jeans

3. In style zebra print

woman posing with her white and black jeans in the zebra print style

4. Or any design Animal Print

girl dressed in brown to match a beige animal print style jean

5. Any color is a good match

6. You can also mix soft colors

girl posing with a white top and yellow and orange colored jeans

7. Or more striking tones

girl sitting in the back of a car posing jeans with lines of bright colors

8. If you don’t like lines, you can go for a plaid design.

girl posing with an orange top and a blue jean with a checkered figure

9. With waves it is also a good idea

girl posing with a white top, matching green sweater with a green jean with waves

10. White shapes go with everything

woman leaning against the wall posing with a blue top and white jeans with blue lines

11. With design tie dye

girl posing in the street some tie dye jeans

12. Or with faces of your favorite artists

girl with her hands on her head posing red jeans with white

13. Mix various patterns and colors

girl lying down showing jeans with figures and colored shapes

14. Or a single design is just as amazing

15. Customize them to your liking

Source: Okchicas

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