15 super cute outfits with vintage details you’ll love


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Victoria Fox lives in Belarus and has a great fascination for fashion. Each of the outfits that you use have a characteristic and unique touch, as it adds touches vintage that, without a doubt, you will want to use.

If you like her love to look beautiful any day and for any occasion, these outfits will fill you with inspiration to give life to those clothes you have in your closet.

1. Remember that accessories make a difference

Victoria Fox wearing a yellow blazer with black details with a black belt and a handkerchief of similar shades

2. Tender, sweet and elegant

Victoria Fox wearing white dress with lace detail

3. One look elegant to go to the office

Victoria Fox wearing a green tailored suit with pants, vest and jacket, with a hat of the same color

4. Without a doubt it is the favorite

Victoria Fox wearing black A-line short dress, with flare, and lace details on sleeves and neck

5. The outfit you should wear on any occasion

Victoria Fox wearing a beige button-down long-sleeved dress with brown details

6. Vibrant and sexy to conquer your crush

Victoria Fox wearing black shorts and hat of the same tone, and red blouse

7. Classic details you need in your life

Victoria Fox wearing a black skirt and blouse with a Parisian beret of the same color

8. Dinner in white is waiting for you

Victoria Fox wearing a white palazo, with a hat of the same color

9. It is the blouse that we all wish to have

Victoria Fox wearing black and white checked trousers, with a white embroidered blouse, a hat of the same color, a black handbag

10. Perfect for lovers of gray

Victoria Fox wearing stockings, with gray mini skirt and blazer, black blouse, with bag and hat of the same color

11. Simply romantic and charming

Victoria Fox wearing nude flared dress with hair scarf and black handbag

12. You will surely want to create this set

Victoria Fox wearing beige mini skirt with white blouse and beret and handbag of the same color

13. Don’t be surprised by breezy days

Victoria Fox wearing camel coat, headscarf

14. The color scheme that steals glances

Victoria Fox wearing green pencil dress with camel-tone boots, bag, coat and beret

15. Prepare for sunny days

Victoria Fox wearing green shorts and short-sleeved jacket, with a brown blouse

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