15 ways to add sunflowers to your daily outfit

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Spring is gone, but this time he did not take all the flowers with him, but left the most beautiful ones to give color to this season.

Sunflowers are the flower of the moment, as their huge yellow petals are the perfect contrast to the dry leaves. Besides, they not only look good in nature, also in our outfit. Here are 15 ideas to add to your wardrobe once and for all.

1. A flower for another flower

Girl wearing dress with sunflower in front

2. The perfect contrast

Girl wearing black sunflower print sweatshirt

3. From nature to your closet

Girl wearing black dress with sunflowers in print

4. One touch chic en overol

Girl wearing white overalls with sunflower print

5. Flowers and catrinas!

White shirt with skull and sunflowers print

6. Small details that fall in love

Girl wearing yellow sweatshirt with sunflower embroidery

7. You will love embroidery

Girl wearing roa blouse with sunflower embroidery on the front

8. For those days neither cold nor hot

Girl wearing black dress with sunflower embroidery

9. A cut vintage

Girl wearing white dress with sunflowers in front

10. They look good in baggy pants

Girl wearing wide pants in black with sunflower print

11. Create your own garden

Girl wearing jeans with sunflower pattern

12. Country blouses are a basic

Girl wearing a sunflower print peasant blouse

13. The latest fashion trend

Girl wearing transparent blouse with sunflower print

14. Wear them in your leggings

girl wearing leggings with sunflowers

15. Let yourself be embraced by its pleasant aroma

girl in white jacket and decorated with sunflowers

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