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16-year-old makes thousands of pounds a month, plays the Stock Market but never gets to dive into the pool

At the tender age of 16, most teenagers they ask their parents for pocket money. But not Donald Dougher who describes himself as one of “the richest kids in america”. The young teenager revealed that his monthly income is about 17 thousand pounds, he lives in a villa, he plays the Stock Market while he doesn’t… get to use his swimming pool because his house is huge and he doesn’t have enough time to go there and take a dip.

The youngster Donald Dougher, at the age of 16, he lives his life, and in addition to his large villa he owns several properties in Los Angeles, he loves fast cars but also vacationing with famous and rich people in the Bahamas.

Since he created his channel on youtube, in August 2019, Donald, earns a lot of money from advertisements. After seeing his income increase, he decided to be active on other social media such as Instagram and TikTok, where he shares his lavish lifestyle with his online friends.

Now, the young man influencersas stated by thesun.co.uk he lives in a “royal” mansion in Los Angeles where, in addition to filming moments of his everyday life, he also thinks about the moves he will make in the Stock Market.

Introducing himself on his YouTube channel, Donald – who lives with his mum, sister and videographer Don Freshly, wrote: “My name is Donald but everyone calls me DONLAD! Many of you may know me as the richest kid in America.”

He then thanked his fans and said that his life “it wouldn’t be possible” if everyone didn’t subscribe to their channel.

In an earlier interview, the young teenager confessed that despite what people see, he had to work hard to get where he is while admitting that his taste in things could be described as “luxury».

In his future plans, it is to do even more “jerk» his YouTube channel.

Source: News Beast

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