16Arlington, goodbye to the Italian designer Federica Cavenati

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The young Italian designer has died Federica Cavenati. She was 28 and with her boyfriend Marco Capaldo she founded the fashion brand in London in 2017 16Arlington, from the name of the address of the first atelier started together. “I believe it all started frommeeting between our opposing aesthetic visions “, the designer had told in an interview with Corriere della Sera, telling the beginning of the professional and life relationship, with the companion known within the prestigious Marangoni Institute. “As students we created very different things, but we were always the voice of each other’s reason. This perhaps has become the basis of our brand. We trust each other’s opinions a lot and we have also understood that each of us brings an interesting and new point of view into the work of the other ».

Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Amal Clooney, Billie Eilish, Rita Ora, Lena Dunham these are just some of the stars who over the years have worn items designed by Federica Cavenati, for all of them Kikka. The brand from the first passio moved in the world of fashion has been successful reaching the most important international catwalks.

«Kikka was a white light, with unmistakable energy, the most encouraging and strongly loyal friend that could exist “, reads the press release issued by the family announcing the disappearance of the designer, due to “A short and sudden illness”.

“The fact that the 16Arlington atelier can no longer resonate with Federica’s laughter and her boundless appetite for creativity it is a tragic loss for all those who have had the good fortune to know it “, reads the press release.

Many messages published on social media to remember Kikka. “She lived to help other women recognize their beauty,” wrote the American actress Lena Dunham remembering Federica Cavenati on Vogue. “I have been told many times of the terrible cruelty of saying ‘was’ about a vital person, a healthy person, a person who feels – in every way imaginable – present. But I have never felt that truth as keenly as I feel it now for Kikka. ‘

The news of the designer’s death was released on November 5th by the magazine British Vogue, but according to what Dunham herself wrote, Federica Cavenati disappeared three weeks ago. “Kikka loved to celebrate, but she couldn’t be at my wedding. She wasn’t feeling her best at the time, and for Kikka, being seen without that distinctive sparkle wasn’t an option, not because she was vain (it was the furthest thing from her), but because she loved joy and wanted to embody the values ​​that were so dear to her ».

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