17 days away from Enem, servers launch a manifest questioning the president of Inep

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Less than a month before the National Secondary Education Examination (Enem), Inep servers launched a manifest in which they questioned the permanence of the institution’s president, Danilo Dupas, in office and denounced episodes of intimidation, harassment and mismanagement.

In the text, released on Thursday (4), the Association of Inep Servants (Assinep) states that the situation puts at risk, in addition to Enem, also the National Student Performance Examination (Enade), which showed data leakage of those enrolled this year, the Basic Education Assessment System (Saeb) and the Basic Education and Higher Education Censuses, “due to strategic decisions”.

According to the servers, Dupas would be refusing to lead the Enade and Enem crisis resolution teams, which is scheduled for November 21st and 28th.

Areas without leadership

Sensitive areas of the institute are without leadership, such as the Information Technology department, which lost its command a few weeks ago. The same thing happened almost two months ago with the position of director of the Educational Information Technology and Dissemination area (DTDIE) — which remains vacant.

“Fear is the keynote. Workers and managers are getting mentally ill, due to the work overload and the unfavorable climate for the safe performance of highly complex Inep activities”, says the Inep Servants Association.

One of the points of contention is the management of the newly created Governance and Strategic Management Advisory (AGGE), which has concentrated attributions of parliamentary matters to the promotion of employees, which would be putting pressure on public servants. Also there, officials claim that the government has decreed the confidentiality of documents, through the Electronic Information System (SEI).


Last week, Dupas vetoed the publication of a set of 24 studies on Brazilian higher education. In May 2021, he also vetoed the release of a survey by Inep on the advances in the national literacy policy of the Dilma Rousseff (PT) administration.

“We even question whether Danilo Dupas really wants to remain president of Inep, since all his actions demonstrate that, in fact, his priority is to protect his ‘CPF’”, state the servers in the manifesto.

Wanted, Inep and President Danilo Dupas did not manifest themselves.


Reference: CNN Brasil

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