17 double-deck beds perfect to make the most of space

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A small space is not synonymous with boring decoration. Remember that there will always be a way to make the most of every corner and here we tell you how.

If more than one person will sleep in the same room, the biggest “problem” will be accommodating two beds, but the tall or two-story options will be your salvation. Check out some ideas that you will love.

1. Warm tones to give more luminosity

White bedroom with double story bed with white cabinet and pink blankets

2. A touch of black to contrast

White bedroom with black accents on the wall with a double story bed with black stairs and white blankets with black

3. White gives the impression of more space

Bedroom with white walls, a wooden floor and a white carpet with pink diamonds and a double-story bed with white blankets and geometric cushions

4. Living room and bedroom all in one

MIni house with wooden floors, white walls with a pink armchair with a white table and a white cushion at the bottom and a double bed with white blankets on the top

5. As if it were a tree house

Room with gray walls, brown carpet and two-story bed with dark wood and at the bottom a desk and above a bed with a flowered blanket

6. Perfect for the sisters’ room

Room with pink walls and gray carpet with four beds against the wall with white furniture and some steps to go upstairs

7. Customize with your favorite color

White-walled room with double-deck bed with yellow cabinet with a desk bottom and a gray mattress top

8. Furniture can be multipurpose

White room with large furniture for double-story bed with drawers for storing clothes and beds with white blankets with brown and pink stripes

9. With stairs on one side

White room with upstairs bed with green blanket bed and lots of silver blankets below next to a white desk and some wooden stairs to the side to go upstairs

10. Clean and tidy

White room with a wooden floor and a gray carpet with a large white double-storey bed unit and beds with blue blankets

11. A bohemian atmosphere

Bohemian style room with white wall and wooden furniture for loft bed with white blanket with gray figures and at the bottom an armchair made with pallets and a beige carpet

12. Make the most of space

Room with blue wall and window with white curtains with a high floor bed in white and at the bottom a hammock to sit with a yellow cushion

13. Everything in one piece of furniture

Wood-colored double-deck bed cabinet with double bed on the bottom with light blankets and orange blankets and steps to go up to the upper floor

14. Up to four people

Three-story bed with white cabinet and beige stairs with white blankets with navy blue stripes

15. A dream for your princess

Girls room with gray walls and two-story bed with a ground floor as a play space and an upper floor as beds with white mattresses and pictures of bunnies in pairs

16. Wouldn’t you love something like that?

White bedroom with white double story bed and steps to go up to the upper floor

17. The little ones will love this option

Bedroom with emerald green wall and treehouse bunk bed with beds with gray plaid blankets

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