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18 civilians dead after Israeli bombardment of refugee camp – Digging in ruins with bare hands for survivors

As reported by the Palestinian news agency Wafa, which cites the Al Jazeerathe attacks of the Israeli army they have killed dozens of Palestinians throughout Gaza in recent hoursamong which:

  • Four civilians were killed in an Israeli airstrike targeting a house in Khan Yunis.
  • Several people were killed and injured by the Israeli army’s shelling of a house in Bani Suhailaeast of Khan Yunis.
  • At least 18 civilians were killed in an airstrike targeting a house in Nuzeirat refugee camp in central Gaza.
  • In the refugee camp of Jabalia, dozens of civilians were killed and injured as Israeli forces targeted residential complexes in a series of airstrikes.
  • Israeli shelling has intensified near the Indonesian hospital.

The following map of the Gaza Strip shows the recorded strikes from October 7th to November 5th.

See photos from the effort to locate survivors after the bombing in Rafa

They dig through the rubble with their bare hands

In Jabalia, many were killed and dozens injured in the attack this morning, while hundreds are still missing. People are still trying to dig out who they can from the rubble, after Israeli airstrikes hit several buildings. Using their bare hands and primitive tools, they do what they can to help before all hope of finding survivors is lost.

Jabalia is one of the most densely populated refugee camps. It has come under several attacks in recent days as the war continues in the Gaza Strip.

Source: News Beast

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