18 Ideas to combine all your favorite rings in one hand

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The jewelry you wear can say a lot about you, as it shows what your favorite style is or what kind of designs you prefer. In addition, they look very elegant and can enhance any outfit, whether it is to go out with your friends or a romantic date.

Rings have become a very strong trend in recent years. Both men and women have started experimenting with these, which is why we show you 18 ways you can use more than one to look sophisticated at all times.

1. Silver go with everything

silver rings of different designs, manicure, matte white painted nails

2. They can be minimalist in design

metallic silver rings with chain design, wide and slim

3. With bright colored stones

golden rings with blue, green and turquoise rhinestones

4. You can combine different designs

silver rings with heart, star, bow, infinity, leaves and chains

5. Pearls stand out and make you look elegant

golden rings with chain and white pearls

6. There are rings with marble finish

thin gold rings with white

7. With more masculine textures and sizes

chunky metallic silver rings with skull, chain and square design

8. Style rings signet are trendy

chunky silver and gold rings with smooth, rounded design, signet style

9. You can use more than two on a single finger

Gold, Silver Slim Minimal Design Rings, Square, Chain, White Manicure

10. Choose a tribal or ancient design

silver and gold rings, with large circles

11. With smooth and voluminous stones

golden rings with round pink, blue and white stones

12. You can go for a simpler style

slim gold chain heart rings

13. Combine only two or three bands

thin round golden rings, wide

14. Interlocking rings are very original

thin gold rings with circles and medals

15. Arrange them on different levels

metallic gold thin rings

16. Small stones with a feminine touch

gold and silver rings with blue, black and white stones

17. Combine textures and materials

thin and wide metallic gold leaf shaped rings

18. Wear your best pieces with style

gold metallic thin rings

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