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19 Latin American chefs gather at the award-winning A Casa do Porco for a unique banquet

19 Latin American chefs gather at the award-winning A Casa do Porco for a unique banquet

After three years, the event world pig is back! The project, created in 2016, aims to promote exchanges between chefs from around the world with the aim of pork as a protagonist. The aim is to show different ways of consuming the ingredient and getting to know the culture of other countries through their gastronomy.

In the next edition, which takes place on October 11th, the chefs Janaina Torres Rueda and Jefferson Rueda invited 19 chefs from seven Latin American countries (Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru) to prepare a single dinner in a great gastronomic feast around the multicultural flavors of Latin America.

Each of the chefs will be responsible for a menu recipe – consisting of 10 entries”finger food”, six main courses and three desserts – and will show you a little about the pork culture in your country.

According to Jefferson, the idea behind Porco Mundi is to investigate the cultural, economic and social importance of pork for the different peoples of the world and how they use this protein to feed themselves.

“Besides, of course, exchanging knowledge with our professional colleagues, fraternizing and providing a unique experience for our customers”, he explains.

Janaína recalls that, in the last seven years, A Casa do Porco “traveled” to all regions of Brazil – in two national editions of Porco Mundi – and to neighboring countries, in a great “exchange of synergy between cooks”.

“We have always had enormous support from our Latin American colleagues, who support and disseminate our work. So, nothing is fairer now than honoring our America and showing that this side of us needs to be seen and recognized”, says the chef, who has traveled across the continent in the last three years.

guest chefs

Argentina – Cesar Sagario | Corte Comedor, Corte Charcutería, Corte Carniceria; Martin Lukesch | El Prefeito de Palermo; and Juan Madero | Don Julio

Chile – Kurt Schmid | 99 and Sergio Barroso | 040

Colombia – Álvaro Clavijo | El Chato and Jaime Rodriguez | Celele

Costa Rica – Santiago Fernandez Benedetto | Silvestre, Don Rufino, 400Amon

Ecuador – Alejandro Chamorro | Nuema and Pia Salazar | Nuema

Mexico – Antonio Bachour | Bachour Merida, Bachour Miami, Habibi; Édgar Núnez | Sud777, Jacinta, Agua Fresca, María Dolores; Elena Reygadas | Rosetta, Panadería Rosetta, Lardo, Café Nin, Bella Aurora; Francisco “Paco” Ruano | Alcalde, Fargo, Ojo Bangkok; and Tomás Bermudez | La Docena, Urgent Emergent

Peru – Jaime Pesaque | Mayta, Yachay, Sapiens, 500 Grados, Callao Cevicheria, Mad Burger; Mitsuharu “Micha” Tsumura | Maido; Pia Leon | Central, Kjolle; and Renzo Garibaldi | Bone

The Porco Mundi Latin America takes place on October 11, n’A Casa do Porco – 7th best restaurant in the world, according to The World’s 50 Best Restaurants -, with limited tickets for the public.

Porco Mundi Service Latin America

When: October 11, 2022 at 7pm

Where: A Casa do Porco – Rua Araújo 124, República. Sao Paulo-SP).

How much: BRL 1,000 (+service) per person, with drinks

Reservations: pigmundi@acasadoporco.com.br / Tel.: +55 11 3258-2578

Source: CNN Brasil



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