1AliCent 1.3.23

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1AliCent – the AliCent application will help you to participate daily and for free in the raffle of goods for $ 0.01 – we know how to have time to buy a product for 1 cent! Also, the application will find profitable goods to buy on Ali and will instantly notify you of large coupons.

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Features of the 1AliCent application:

  • Spend a lot of time choosing options for ordering for coins? 1AliCent knows the packaging of goods 24 hours before the draw – you will have time to think (a lot of time 🙂
  • Still trying to open items by the hour to buy items for $ 0.01? The time in the app is synchronized to the nearest thousandths of a second, the payment page opens completely automatically in the Ali app!
  • Don’t want to enter your username and password for your account in third-party applications? We, too, so we don’t ask you for any data in AliCent!
  • There are also tabs with products on sale at a low price and coupons with the ability to customize push notifications for a suitable denomination.
  • And most importantly: a freebie should remain a freebie. We do not have “credits” and obligatory payments – use it for free.

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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