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1st Meeting of Paulista Cheese and Charcuterie Producers takes place in SP

In the days May 24th and 25th what will happen 1st Meeting of Cheese and Charcuterie Producers in São Paulo . With more than 50 artisanal cheese and charcuterie producers from the state of São Paulo, the event will provide a tasting experience, in addition to the sale of original products.

The location chosen for the event, the Pinheiros Municipal Market , is a living memory of São Paulo's food in the West Zone. In 1910, it was known as the “hillbilly market”, as many producers from the interior of the state chose it as a place to sell, attracting buyers from all over the city.

Always attentive to the demands of its time, the Market transformed and embraced a new address in the 70s, where it remains today.

It is in this historical context of tradition that cheese and charcuterie producers were inspired to hold the event, organized by the Pinheiros Municipal Market together with the Associação Paulista do Queijo Artesanal (APQA) and Polo Charcuteiro.

Among the participating cheesemakers are: Lano-Alto, from Catuçaba, and Leiteria Santa Paula, from the city of São João da Boa Vista. Other confirmed names are Brivido Produtos Artesanais, Cabanha Mulekinha, Capril Caprioles, Capril Salto do Panema, Christophe e Zeide, Estância do Queijo, Fazenda Santa Luzia – Queijo com Arte, Goldy Alimentos, Laticínio Família Rossato, Laticínio Montezuma, Laticínio Artesanal Guidu, Mavit Handmade and Bonani Cheese Factory.

For charcuterie, Prelúdio Charcutaria, Aguilera, Cassas, Lê Cochon, Amarus Salumeria and Salumeria Mayer are guaranteed to be present.

In addition to purchasing artisanal cheeses and sausages directly from the producer, visitors can participate in show pairing and tasting classes, as well as lectures, upon registration in advance. It will also be possible to try special dishes created by the market's chefs for the occasion.

1st Meeting of Cheese and Charcuterie Producers in São Paulo

Pine Market: Rua Pedro Cristi, 89- Pinheiros – São Paulo – SP / Opening hours: Friday (24) and Saturday (25), from 11am to 6pm / Free entry.

Source: CNN Brasil

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