2-year-old asks for 31 cheeseburgers after mum leaves phone unlocked

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A 2-year-old boy from Texas, in the United States, ordered 31 cheeseburgers from McDonald’s through a delivery platform after his mother forgot her unlocked cell phone.

On Monday, Kelsey Golden, who works in a school’s marketing department, was working on the school’s annual yearbook on her computer at home. She was transferring photos from her phone to her computer when her 2-year-old son, Barrett, started pulling out her phone, she told CNN .

Kelsey explained that the boy, named Barrett, has a habit of picking up his phone to play with the camera. “He likes to look at his reflection,” she said.

But this time, Barrett didn’t just stare at his image. “He starts pressing down on the screen, swinging it like his arm is a roller coaster,” the mother reported.

The woman then received a notification that her order on the delivery app was taking longer than usual. A short time later, she was playing with the boy on the porch when a car honked in front of their house. Kelsey was surprised to see the delivery man hand her a bag of 31 sandwiches.

At first, the woman thought the delivery man was in the wrong house. “Then I realized that Barrett was playing with my phone,” she recalled. “I went back and looked at the cell phone and a request was made at that moment that he was playing with the device”.

The accidental order was all the more unusual because “no one in our family likes cheeseburgers,” Kelsey said. So she posted on her city’s Facebook page offering free cheeseburgers.

After the post, a pregnant woman came to her house and ordered six snacks. Others were donated to neighbors.

The total order was $91.70, in part because the boy left a “really generous” 25% tip, his mother said.

Kelsey said she “had no idea” the accident would go viral. On Friday (20), she and Barrett were invited to a meeting with the McDonald’s team, where their son could meet the company’s mascots, take pictures and taste some chicken nuggets.

The mother said she hoped that her son’s request “by chance” helped brighten people’s day. “I hope it spread some humor in a sad, dark world,” she said.

Source: CNN Brasil

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