20 beautiful illustrations made on the skin that you will love and are worthy of tattooing

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Randa Haddadin is a Jordanian-Russian artist currently residing in Dubai. She worked as an architect for almost a decade, which helped her a lot to refine her style. However, he later decided to dedicate himself entirely to art. Randa has revolutionized Instagram with her spectacular works of art that she draws using her own skin as a canvas.

She referred to the process of creating drawings on the skin as “therapeutic” since, as it is an ephemeral work, she can focus on the process and enjoy it in a way that is simply impossible in her regular works. Here we show you 20 of his most beautiful illustrations. You will love them!

1. His art is captivating

2. On the surface

3. Dream illustrations

4. His lines are super elegant

5. Accompanied by a poem

6. Ephemeral portraits

7. Capture the darkness in cities

8. Your designs are beautiful

9. Don’t just draw flowers and buildings

10. Take inspiration from everywhere!

11. The flower of the sun

12. Iconic monuments

13. Blue, blue, blue…

14. True art on the skin

15. Super-stylish pops of color

16. Spring on the skin

17. Colors that demand your attention

18. A tribute to design

19. Even simple designs are spectacular

20. Golden skies

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