2,000 BTC withdrawn from Xapo crypto-storage

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On Tuesday, the price of bitcoin fell sharply, causing the total market capitalization of the world’s largest cryptocurrency to fall below $ 800 billion. At this point, bitcoin whales began to move digital assets from their crypto wallets.

According to the leading blockchain analytics platform Whale Alert, the fat bitcoin wallet transferred 2,000 BTC worth more than $ 86 million from the Xapo crypto storage to an unknown digital wallet.

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This BTC transfer took place after a bitcoin price correction on Monday liquidated long trading positions in BTC worth $ 220 million.

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Over the past three days, Bitcoin has dropped 12.7% due to the polarization of traders. The increase in foreign exchange inflows was recorded during the largest drop that occurred on Monday, said Santiment specialists.

The trend outlined by Santiment was most evident during the Asian trading session on Tuesday. A leading cryptokit transferred 600 BTC worth $ 25 million from an unknown wallet to crypto.com.

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