2021, the year of non-existent bridges (and when to organize weekends and holidays)

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In the year in which we can’t wait to return to travel, after months stopped due to the pandemic and finally hopeful for the arrival of the anti-Covid vaccine, there won’t be many opportunities to leave, at least looking at the calendar. 2021 is definitely stingy for travelers: the holidays mostly fall on weekends and therefore the opportunities to take advantage of long weekends and long weekends for mini holidays, provided that the anti Covid measures allow it, reduced.

Spring bridges are void: in practice between April and May there are only weekends.

The 25 April in 2021 arrives on Sunday and on May 1st, Labor Day, on Saturday.

It’s better for the Republic Day of June 2: it’s Wednesday. A perfect opportunity to attack two days of vacation (on one side or the other) and indulge – hoping that spring will bring us relief from covid and various restrictions – five full days of vacation. All this provided that there are no children going to school at home: the hypothesis of extending the year until the end of June to gain at least some of the time lost due to Covid, would mean that the first days of the month normally dedicated to greetings, they may still be crucial.

You don’t earn an extra day even a Ferragosto, given that August 15th is Sunday, and from there we go directly to All Saints: that could be the opportunity for an autumn mini-weekend, given that the November 1st falls on a Monday. Finally, good news on the Immaculate Conception front: December 8 is Wednesday therefore, adding the canonical closing days of schools and offices could be the perfect time to escape from the city, maybe even to go back to skiing and enjoy the mountains that, among other things, we have had to give up so far.

All this as long as you don’t want to take advantage of days off e, after a year of hiatus, we can bet that there are many who can’t wait to do it.

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