2021: training yes, but how?

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Training in the open air
Digital lessons
Ultra performing sneakers
Slow and mindful activity
Attrezzatura gym-like

That the pandemic, from its inception to the present moment, has completely revolutionized our way of life is obvious, if not trivial. That’s why we were not surprised when, by publishing what will be the hottest fitness trends of 2021, he magazine “Well and Good” wanted to point out that the world of fitness has, in turn, suffered many changes due to Coronavirus and the health emergency that we cannot yet say over.

Fitness, the changes started (obviously) in March 2021

For us Europeans and, subsequently, for the United States and South America, the first lifestyle changes they obviously imposed themselves with the outbreak of the pandemic at the end of February, taking root from the lockdown in March. With gyms and swimming pools closed for long months, we have learned that you can train in the living room, even with minimal equipment (weights, elastic bands, mat). Of course, those who swam were particularly penalized by the situation, but thanks to boom in online fitness courses (from HIIT training to Zumba), many have found the way to stay fit within the walls of the house. And if some have become passionate about high intensity training, it must be said that disciplines such as yoga and pilates, slower, but no less effective, have won over many of us.

What to expect from the 2021 at the level of fitness trend? In the gallery, here are what they are trends provided by the experts of “Well and Good“.

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