Home Entertainment 25 Influencers who abused the filters “a little” and were discovered

25 Influencers who abused the filters “a little” and were discovered

25 Influencers who abused the filters “a little” and were discovered

Instagram filters can be your best friends, especially when time is tight and you don’t want to spend long minutes in front of the mirror and makeup set. A little gloss on the eyes, some retouching on the cheeks and lips, and voila, you’ll have that perfect photo to share on social networks in just a few shots and a couple of adjustments. But you have to be careful and don’t let it get out of hand or you could end up like these influencers who didn’t know when to stop with Photoshop and beauty filters.

We will always want the perfect photo in our feed, but sometimes you can compete with what the fashion and entertainment industry imposes. More, when several internet artists sell a face that is not really theirs. Everyone has the right to show what they want on their networks, but when this becomes a hoax and distorts the concepts of beauty, it can be dangerous for many.

You see, in countries like norway They have already started working on it to protect the little ones and, in a quest to prevent faces and bodies from being digitally modified to generate misleading advertising, they developed a law in which they force influencers and agencies to point out when one of their photos was altered. If only it was like this all over the world, things would be easier.

It is not about exhibiting people who use filters to show their true face, not at all! Rather, it seeks to avoid overwhelming girls, boys, adolescents and adults, with beauty standards that are impossible to achieve. Something that not even with makeup can be achieved. But just so there is no doubt about all the change a touch-up can make, here are some examples of when it gets out of hand.

1. The original is much better

2. Others suffer for personal good

3. With makeup / Without makeup

4. The magic of retouching

5. In networks / In real life

6. You can lose your mind, but never style

7. A little youth filter

8. “She has so many styles”

9. As if it were someone else

10. You have to recognize the danger

“Warning: reflections in this mirror may be distorted by unrealistic beauty standards.”

11. Life outside the networks

12. He tried

13. Distorting reality

14. Waterproof filters

15. Faces we see, filters we don’t know

16. The one who is beautiful is beautiful

17. Plastic Girl

18. Like something is wrong

19. The secret is the pose

20. Something is wrong

twenty-one. tiger-queen

22. Why retouch the reflection?

23. Reductions

24. What a change

25. One more example

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