25-year-old Greek man dead in German detention center – How the tragic incident happened

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A 25-year-old died tragically Greek, who had previously been arrested in Wuppertal West Germany for violence. According to a response from ERT, during a blood test for drugs and alcohol, the young man lost consciousness and died shortly afterwards.

The Wuppertal Police Department announced yesterday that the 25-year-old G.Z. He was in a taxi with his 34-year-old sister, in which he got into a fight and even tried against her, as a result of which he injured her. Their dispute was transferred from the TAXI vehicle to the road. The taxi driver alerted the police about the incident and a police patrol rushed to the scene. During the recording of the incident, he attacked a police officer, who threw him to the ground.

A second police officer tried to stop him, but the 25-year-old resisted his arrest, slightly injuring two police officers. Other police officers were called in for help, with the help of which the 25-year-old was arrested and taken to the police station.

He lost consciousness and died

There he underwent a blood sample, due to serious evidence that he was under the influence of alcohol and drugs. During the taking of the sample by the doctor, the 25-year-old lost consciousness. The doctor who performed the examination and the first aid doctor who was called tried to bring him back, to no avail. The forensic examination showed that his death was due to an underlying illness in conjunction with drug use and ruled out third party liability or violence as the cause of his death. It remains unclear why Wuppertal police announced the case almost a week later.

The Hagen City Police Department is investigating the exact causes of the 25-year-old GZ. The investigation, as it is clarified, is not directed against the police officers who arrested the 25-year-old.

The Wuppertal Prosecutor’s Office is looking for another unknown person, who allegedly supplied G.Z. with drugs.

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