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29-year-old man killed and dismembered 14-year-old transgender girl in the US that he found through a mobile app

A 29-year-old man is accused of murdering and dismembering the body of a 14-year-old transgender girl in Pennsylvania, USA. 29-year-old DeShawn Watkins has been arrested for the murder of 14-year-old Polly Likens, as reported by the New York Post. The 14-year-old was last seen on June 22 and was reported missing three days later by relatives. Police discovered dismembered human remains in and around the waters of the Shenango River, and more remains were found in the area over the next week. Pennsylvania man accused of killing, dismembering trans teen he met through dating app https://t.co/u77pcOnIYd pic.twitter.com/6mOzJJVlyJ — New York Post (@nypost) July 9, 2024 The medical examiner who reviewed the findings found that the 14-year-old, who would have turned 15 next September, had been murdered with a blow to the head from a blunt object. Security camera footage captured 29-year-old Watkins walking in and out of his apartment in the early hours of June 23 carrying bags, then driving his car to the lake […]
Source: News Beast

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