3 things to stream over the weekend: Scenes from a wedding, Maid and We were Songs

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Weekend + rain + autumn = hot chocolate and binge watching! My favorite time of the year 🙂

I know, I know, a lot of new titles are coming out right now and you just don’t know what to choose, do you? I am here for this! there 3 things you absolutely cannot miss on the weekend: Scenes from a wedding, Maid ed We were songs.


To convince you to watch this series it would be enough for me to say two names: Oscar Isaac e Jessica Chastain.

I don’t know if I mean:

Scenes from a wedding tells the story of Mira and Jonathan, a couple who have been married for about 10 years who, like many others, have ups and downs, but their union, from which a child was born, seems solid. Over the years, however, everything can change, and their bond slowly begins to crumble.

This series makes you think a lot as it is a real treatise on love, hatred, desire, monogamy, and of course marriage.

(You can find it streaming on Sky)


Another series, another exceptional actress: Margaret Qualley.

This is one of those series that will give you goosebumps and also make you cry a lot so get your tissues ready! Maid tells the story of Alex, a mother who after running away from home with her daughter to escape her abusive partner, finds herself having to face a thousand other adversities, including the search for a job, the fight against poverty, bureaucracy and the risk of not having more a house.

This series is inspired by the autobiographical bestseller of New York Times of the author Stephanie Land.

(You can find it streaming on Netflix)


We were songs tells the story of Pussy, a fashion assistant who, having reached a turning point in her career after a very heavy breakup, finds again Leo, her former historian in Madrid, the very person who broke her heart. She will have to ask her friends Adriana and Jime for help, and all three will learn that love can be really complicated.

(You can find it streaming on Netflix)

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