3 things to stream this weekend: Sweet Tooth, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal, and Masculine Singular

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Thank god It’s Friday!! 😍 New appointment with tips on 3 things to watch in streaming on the weekend.

This week it is the turn of 2 films and 1 TV series: Sweet Tooth, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal e Male Singles.

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Ten years earlier, the world was hit by a pandemic (yes, indeed a pandemic) that almost exterminated the human race and led to the birth of hybrid children, partly human, partly animal. However, no one knows if these children are a consequence of the pandemic so many humans fear them and hunt them down.

But now we come to the “awww 🥰” part of the series: the protagonist of this story is Gus, a child half-deer, who after many years living in the forest with his father, finds himself alone and meets Jepperd, a wanderer with whom he will begin to travel in search of the past of both.

Now look carefully at this photo: do you understand why I said “awww 🥰” earlier?

(You can find it streaming on Netflix)



Our beloved warriors have to start high school, but a rare total solar eclipse is about to be visible over the city of Tokyo. Could a new enemy be missing with the eclipse? Absolutely not, in fact the Dead Moon, who start their base by opening a circus, the Dead Moon Circus.

Their arrival brings with it a barrier that isolates it Terra from space and time and for this very reason the warriors lose their ability to transform themselves. Will they be able to find their power within them?

(You can find it streaming on Netflix)


Antonio is an unemployed and insecure young architect who suddenly finds himself alone, homeless and jobless after being left by his husband Lorenzo on which he depended in all respects.

Does the protagonist remind you of anyone? Yes it is Edoardo of SHAME! 😍

So which one will you start first?

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